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A small cedar tree amid some grass and a ledge of standstone.
“A Tree Left Standing”

After more than a decade under the title “Acceity,” I have renamed this site “A Tree Left Standing.” It’s a bit longer and a bit less whimsical. But I hope it is more pronounceable, more meaningful, and easier to remember and spell.

The address has changed to, but old links should continue to work for some time thanks to the magic of HTTP redirection.

The new title, A Tree Left Standing, stands for preserving memories, learning from the past, and conserving the planet that we all share. It comes from the poem “An Old Settler” by Laura Case Sherry. The poem is not my favorite — Sherry wrote many better ones — but the opening lines work well as a metaphor for this blog.

A tree left standing
From a grove that has been cut away…

Laura Case Sherry, “An Old Settler”

I began this site in 2008, when personal blogs were still the fad, before all the world had settled into Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My activity since then has waxed and waned with the moons, and the blogging landscape continues to change with the fast-paced World Wide Web. Still, after over a decade, this site is still here: a tree left standing, a reminder of things I’ve thought and done. Even after some pruning it has become a gnarly old thing, with many circumlocutory branches waving insults to our declining attention spans as we zoom by on the information superhighway. But I hope it is a tree that will continue to grow.

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