A Fall Adventure in the Wisconsin Woods…

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Because I thought, hey, why not post more leaf photos?

Vine-wrapped tree limbs sprawl out in every direction, with leaves ranging from green and yellow to orange and deep red.
I. Lost in the Leaves: Arts and Crafts Wallpaper has nothing on this.

An Oak Tree branches out high overhead, bearing a mosaic of leaves in yellow, orange, and green.
III. Oaks in the Sky: Could I climb one to meet Jack and go looking for giant’s gold?

Bright yellow leaves make a ceiling over the autumn woods.
II. A Golden Canopy: It’s like discovering El Dorado.

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  1. Thanks a bunch Eric, I’m glad you like them.

    Note the Creative Commons License — if you want, you can download these pictures and make them your own: use them as desktop wallpaper, share them with others, print them on posters and sell them for profit — it’s all allowed under the copyleft license terms.